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Bonano - an international company engaged in collecting, sorting, wholesale of second hand clothes, shoes and textile

Our firm operates since 2012 on the international market. In 2014 we relocated our production facilities from Germany to Ukraine.

We export our clothes to Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and South America

Non-pressed clothes are packed in 25 and 50 kg bags. Pressed bales weight 50+ kg.

Our highly qualified multilingual staff speaks German, English, Russian and Ukrainian. 

Bonano engages in a 100% ecological "zero waste" production. 

4000 m² factory and warehouse

140+ product categories

100 tons continuous textile turnover

Operational Process


Door-to-door collection of clothes, shoes and textile in the economically most prosperous regions of Germany


Transportation of unsorted original to Ukraine


Sorting processes according to European quality standards


Wholesale of sorted products within Ukraine and to 30 countries throughout the world